Jamupuri is a worker cooperative designed to incentivize the free-trade of herbal remedies ("Jamu") betweenIndonesia and the United States. Using existing supply chains coordinated using open source technology Jamupuri helps enable Indonesian botanical suppliers to build and maintain more trustworthy business relationships with overseas SMB retail counterparts and, in some cases, consumers directly. We operate remotely and our team is distributed. None of our team members receive a paycheck; we've collected to help each other accomplish common goals as we recognize the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Kratom has a long-standing tradition in Indonesia and provides a source of income for an estimated 300,000 farmers in West Kalimantan. Using platform technology to create market efficiencies we're able to undercut competition and ship our botanicals B2B and consumer-direct while bolstering worker earnings in Indonesia and, at the same time, delivering fresher products to both businesses and consumers alike.


Identify and promote the best natural healing herbs—referred to as "Jamu" in Indonesian—used as traditional remedies in Southeast Asia and get them to US consumers as fresh as possible in an economically sustainable way.


Integrity, transparency, mindfulness, accountability


During the cold Chicago winter of 2014 Jamupuri founder Josh Habdas started vaping e-cigarettes in an attempt to quit smoking. That winter, at the age of 34, Josh developed a chronic illness which would change his life forever. After two short months of vaping lab-produced blends of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine Josh developed a bronchial infection. The coughing was fierce and uncontrollable, often keeping him awake at night. People in the office he worked at took notice. And three months later, in the Spring of 2015 and after months of uncontrollable coughing, Josh was asked to resign from his office position. No reason was given for his dismissal and he was asked to sign a document saying he would never talk about it.

Determined to shake the cough, Josh met with an American nutritionist and two doctors, following the treatments plans suggested by each. Still the cough continued. It took 5 years until Josh finally found a way to control his chronic bronchitis. What he found finally worked was an Indonesian herb ("Jamu") called Kratom. Since he started drinking Kratom tea on a daily basis Josh hasn't had any problems controlling his chronic cough and has no longer has coughing fits like he used to. Thanks to Kratom Josh is finally able to sleep peacefully at night.

The idea to create Jamupuri came in April, 2020, when Josh's mother Donna died of COPD, a chronic pulmonary disease she was battling more than 10 years before it finally took her life. During the course of her illness, which landed her in the emergency room dozens of times, she was prescribed a number of medications, including opioids for use in managing her pain. As an American-born citizen Donna was not knowledgeable of Indonesian Jamus and didn't learn about Kratom early enough to try and use it to help her manage her chronic illness. We at Jamupuri believe individuals like Donna should be made better aware of the healing power of natural remedies like Kratom. And if not by Western doctors, by a community of like-minded and caring individuals who can relate to Donna's story and have a desire to help others like Donna become more aware of the efficacy of non-addictive and powerful natural remedies like Kratom.

Core Team

Khoirul Anwar (Indonesian) — Social Media Manager, Supply Lead, Extract Specialist
Josh Habdas (American) — Founder, Quality Assurance, Platform Engineer
Ni Kadek Dwi Suryanthi (Indonesian) — Nutritionist, Certified Zumba® Instructor, Translator