Fit for Consumption

We're not selling you soap

Each of our locally-trained Kalbar suppliers has years of training in Kratom production, including picking, fermentation and milling. All of our suppliers work towards our Fit for Consumption goal meaning all kratom supplied is safe for you to eat. Our Fit for Consumption model is validated in the following ways:

  • Jamupuri Lokal business brings regular use to Bali island

  • We collect product samples every month to ensure quality

  • We are daily users of our own products

When you purchase Fit for Consumption you purchase knowing your product was recently enjoyed by one of our staff or local customers.

Lab Testing

We help you ensure compliance

We collaborate directly with experienced Kalbar kratom suppliers, each of whom focus on thier own strengths in creating and obtaining the strongest and freshest kratom powders available on the market. Procurement and powder production techniques vary by supplier and product. In order to obtain lab results we will work directly with our customers based on their individual needs to identify and label lots, obtain laboratory test results and implement specific standards for their business based on jurisdiction.

To summarize:

  • Customers are responsible for their own lab testing

  • We will provide internal lab tests showing product strength

  • We guarantee our product is free of adulturants

Communication Standards

We are working in a global economy

Although we prefer English we're just as happy to communicate with you in Bahasa Indonesia. We price ourselves in being able to uniquely service the United States market. While we do ship worldwide, our primary interests are focused in servicing the American organic consumer market and continuing to penetrate the kratom market in Bali. As a result, we provide some unique services for our customers hard to find anywhere else:

  • American on staff with a dedicated US phone number

  • Eyes on the ground in Borneo providing unique business insights

  • Client-attorney relationships for fast contract negotiation

In addition to our bilingual and and native English speakers we're able to help acclimate US and other businesses to the socioeconomic and cultural norms of Indonesia, where all of our important internal business communications occur in multiple langages on our Slack server and where we keep our suppliers up-to-date with the latest internal news.